The Apart Hotel  from the center of Algarrobo 




This regulation reflects the desire for a good service to the guests and their families, avoiding problems of noise pollution, safety and comfort, which translates into a contract of rights and obligations.

Article 1 .- The derived relations of accommodation and / or services that passengers receive at this facility shall be governed by relevant rules of the Civil and Commercial Code, for the uses and customs of the place in terms of accommodations and special provisions of these rules, which are considered mandatory provisions and accepted by the host to be registration.

Article 2 .- The passenger has an inescapable obligation to register upon entering the establishment, the person filling out the registration card that will be provided.

Article 3 .- The customer must specify on the registration card the number of days or duration of your stay. Be considered as a unit of time, day stay, expiring at 12 noon each day, excluding revenue of up to four hours before noon to have that unoccupied. The passenger, who the day of departure vacates the room after the limit set is required to pay more than a half-day stay.

He did not abandon their stay at the time, damaging the new guests who occupies that room and the staff time it serves.

Article 4 .- When setting the number of days of occupation in the registry means that accommodation is for one day only and will be extended for another 24 hours if the hotel has availability according to their reserves and so on.
Early departure, in case the output of passenger Apart Hotel Brisas de Cantabria be made before the date specified in the reserve shall not make any refund and will not stay unused credited to a future reservation.
Cancellation Policy In case of a notice with a minimum of 7 days from the date of booking, Apart Hotel Brisas de Cantabria returned to the client the full amount of the deposit, less communication and administration costs equal to 10%. will return in the same currency as the deposit was made, without interest or adjustment. If notice of cancellation of a reservation between 6 days and 4 days before date of arrival, Apart Hotel Cantabria breezes will keep 50% of the contracted services, or 100% from 3 days from the date of arrival or "no-show", therefore will not refund the total







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